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24 Oct 2023
Catacomb 3D for INDIEGO and AMIGA CD32
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ID Software's first FPS ported to the CD32 console

$ 37.90
  • Brand ARES
  • Ending Date 24 Oct 2030
  • Category Retrogaming
  • Sub Category Amiga
Worldwide shipping as always included. 

This is an "officially licensed relese" of id Software's Catacomb3D

The Game uses the CD32's Akiko chip to do C2P. It features the Adlib Sound-effects from the PC version + CD-Audio. 

On top it fatures also saving on a stock CD32. 

The games is delivered in an DVD-Case and comes with a 12 page thick booklet with Histroy, Info about Items and more. 

System requirements:

Amiga CD32 or ECS Amiga with a 14 MHz 68020 processor and 2 MB Chip RAM. Additional Fast RAM is recommended for optimal performance. At least Kickstart v3.0 is required. A sneak preview is available here:


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